5 Security points every Blogger should Know

I understand that blogging requires your time, attention, hard work and commitment, blogging is almost a full time occupation. If you have written any blog then you want that to keep secure and good but unfortunately when a hacker try to hack your site, all your hard work can be completely destroyed in a minute.

If you want to keep your site safe and secure then you are at right place. Today I'm going to explain that what is the best way to keep your blogging site secure from hackers.

1- Use Secure Connection

If you want to secure your data then you must use secure connection in your site. Now a days almost all websites in the Internet are using secure connection. If you site shows not Secure in the internet browser then you may loss your readers too because almost all browser will show that this site connection is not secure and no one wants to open a site where their information will be at risk. 

So I will suggest you to use a Valid SSL Certificate in your site to keep your website data secure and also the visitors will see your website trusted. Now a days most of the hosting companies are providing free basic SSL Certificates. 

2- Use Standard Strong Password 

Passwords are most important things to keep your site and data secure. If you are not using strong password then you are inviting hackers to take your data away. I must suggest every bloggers to use Standard Strong Password for their blogs. If you are using a weak password or some random numbers then hackers might be able to guess the password. So I will suggest you to follow the Standard Password Policy to keep your account secure. 

Some required type of password a user can choose. such as 
  • Your password must be consist of upper case and Lower case i.e. Case Sensitive
  • Your password must include one or more numeric digits i.e. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,0
  • Your password must Include special characters i.e. !, @,$.#,
  • Your password must prohibit using personal information like your name

3- Use Backup Service

This is very important tip to keep your data safe from hackers you must keep your site backups in cloud or other computer because if your site has been accessed by hackers then they will surely wipe all your blog post. 

Additionally if you want to move your site data to another platform then you can use those backup files to restore your old data. So make sure to keep backup files up to date.  

4- Keep your Site Up to date

Updating to latest version of software is very important key point to keep your site safe from hackers. Software updates includes the bug fixes of previous versions or the updates may have more security features than previous version of software so I will suggest you to keep your software up to date.

if you are using WordPress for blogging then you must update to latest WordPress Version and Keep your themes and plugins up to date.

5- Never Share your Information

If you are sharing your account information with someone via Email or any other medium then you are unknowingly putting your security at risk. Everyone thinks like I'm sharing my information through emails what can hackers will do because hackers will not able to access my emails then My friend! you wrong. Hackers will access your email and then they can get to your site. 

So if you are sharing your account information with someone then make sure to change the password immediately else hackers will not take much time in eliminating your all hard work.

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