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How to create clone record using JavaScript in MS Dynamics 365 and Open it in New Window

Create Clone/Copy record using JavaScript in MS Dynamics 365 and Open it in New Window. Recently, I got a requirement from client where they wanted to clone the record and Open that into new window after saving the existing record. As usually I researched online for a way to clone/copy the record and open it but I was not able to find a good approach to do it. I have written some JavaScript code with the help of multiple articles so thought to share it with you guys so anyone has same type of requirement so they can build the solution for their client. Everyone get troubled with writing huge codes and end up spending our valuable time for cloning/copying Dynamics CRM entity record. So in this blog I am going to explain the JavaScript code step by step. I had requirement to copy the record when user click on the Save and New button. So i have worked on the Phone Call Entity to save the record first then get the values of the fields and open them in new record. First you have t

How to Get and Set a Lookup Field Using JavaScript in Dynamics 365

I was trying to get the value of Lookup field in the Phone Call entity but was not able to set the value in the field. There are so many blog post in the forums which explain to set the values in the lookup field but I don't think those posts are helpful for the beginners like me so when you try to set a lookup value using JavaScript in Microsoft Dynamics 365, the value you use has to be an array and the values in that array must be of type object. Within the object the required components are the id, logical name and the entity type. Also Read -  How to connect SharePoint using PHP Retrieving a lookup field through JavaScript can be a little more difficult than expected, it is important to note that using business rules you can access the values within a lookup and set other fields with this value. Regardless, there are some cases where you might want to use JavaScript to get a lookup field value. This is a simple example: Also Read -   How to change the Status (State

5 Security points every Blogger should Know

I understand that blogging requires your time, attention, hard work and commitment, blogging is almost a full time occupation. If you have written any blog then you want that to keep secure and good but unfortunately when a hacker try to hack your site, all your hard work can be completely destroyed in a minute. If you want to keep your site safe and secure then you are at right place. Today I'm going to explain that what is the best way to keep your blogging site secure from hackers. 1- Use Secure Connection If you want to secure your data then you must use secure connection in your site. Now a days almost all websites in the Internet are using secure connection. If you site shows not Secure in the internet browser then you may loss your readers too because almost all browser will show that this site connection is not secure and no one wants to open a site where their information will be at risk.  So I will suggest you to use a Valid SSL Certificate in your site to

How to connect SharePoint with PHP

Reading a SharePoint List with PHP There are so many posts you fill find on the Internet mentioning how to connect SharePoint using PHP, Some of the post will suggest you to use API's or other approaches. In this post I am going to mention all the steps to connect SharePoint using PHP. Step- 1 -  First you need to download the Thybag Api from  here . Step-2 -  Download the WSDL file for the SharePoint Lists you want to interact with. This can normally be obtained  at: sharepoint.url/subsite/_vti_bin/Lists.asmx?WSDL Or you can aso put the your WSDL link directly in the Code and It will work. Also Read -   How to connect Quickbooks Online using Microsoft Flow  Also Read -   How to connect Tsheets using Microsoft Flow Custom Connector S tep-3  - I have created a html file to add data into SharePoint list. Step-4   -  This HTML file will send the data into spo.php file whe

Best Free Video Conferencing Software 2020

Now a days working from home becomes a more common practice because of  current spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), most IT companies or other companies are now accommodating remote working while also helping to limit the impact on productivity. Video conferencing Services are more important than ever now a days.  1. Zoom Meeting Feature-packed free video conferencing with secure encryption Also Read -   How to get and Set the Lookup Fields in MS Dynamics 365 . Also Read -   How to change the Status (StateCode) field value in MS Dynamics 365 using JavaScript . (Image credit: Zoom Meeting) In the Free Plan you will get these basic features-  Host up to 100 participants Unlimited 1 to 1 meetings 40 mins limit on group meetings Unlimited number of meetings Online support Video Conferencing Features Web Conferencing Features Group Collaboration Features Security Note - Some of the Governments have already issues the notification saying Zoom