How to Delete a Blogger Blogspot Blog Account

If you have an old Blogger profile and you want to delete it because you are not posting anything there? Okay, So I will tell you how to delete/backup your blogger account.

1- Do you want to back up your data before deleting?

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   You may not want to completely erase your old blog. You can download a backup of your blog's posts and comments on your computer before deleting it by following these steps.

  1.  Sign in to your Google Account and go your Blogger Admin page.
  2.  Click on the Down Arrow located in the top left.

  You can see in the Screenshot there is all the list of blogs.
  3.  Click on the name of the blog which you want to backup. It will open the blog.
  4. In the left pane. click on the Setting then Other.

5- Now click on the Back up Content from the Import & back up section.

6- Click on Save to your Computer button from the dialog box.

Now, your posts and comments will be downloaded to your computer as an XML file.

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2- Do you want to delete your Blogger Blog?

Now, you have backed up your old blog and Now want to delete it. Just follow a few more steps and your blog will be deleted.
 1- In case if you are not logged in to your google account then Login and go to Blogger Admin (you may already be there if you have followed the above-mentioned steps).

2- Click on the down arrow button from the top left and choose the blog you want to delete. It will open the selected blog post page.

3- Now from the left menu pane, select Setting then Other.

4- In the Delete Blog section, click on the Delete Blog button.

5-  After clicking on the Delete Blog button, It will open a dialog box and You will be asked if you would like to export the blog before deleting, If you haven't done this yet but want to do it now, click on the Download Blog button. Otherwise, Click on the Delete This Blog button.

After Deleting the blog, It will no longer be accessible by visitors, but as you can see in the Above Screenshot you have 90 days during which you can restore your blog, after 90 days it will be permanently deleted.

If you want the Blog completely deleted immediately, you don't have to wait for 90 days, you can do it now.

Just follow these additional steps after performing the above steps.

Note- However, Once a blog is permanently deleted, the URL for the blog cannot be used again.  

1- Click the down arrow from the top left. From the List click on the blog from the Deleted Blogs Section which you recently deleted. as shown in below screenshot.
2- Click on the Permanently Delete button.

If you change your mindset then you can restore your blog. Just follow these steps

1- Click on the Down arrow from the Top left pane of the Blogger page.
2- In the list menu, Click the name of the recently deleted blog, from Deleted Blogs section.  

3-  Click on the Undelete Button. 

Your deleted blog will be restored and available again for the visitors.

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